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11 Back to School Photos from our Community!

Back to school is finally here! We recently put a call out for submissions on our Facebook Page for back to school and were blown away by the feedback! Check out these great back to school captions! Make sure to check out our School Community Toolkit as you prepare for the school year and our Postsecondary Educational Guide for young adults!



This is my daughter Cailin who rocked her first day of preschool!!



DJ, first year of High School  and he loves it and they adore him!



My two autistic boys heading off to school yesterday!



This is me and my son Andre'! He has autism and he's a senior this year! One proud mama! 



Connor started 5th grade and Rylee started 3rd. They both have Autism. 



This is my little Angel Katelyn...She started Preschool on August 23rd. She's been going since she was 3 and she's 4 1/2. This along with ABA has been amazing. 



Ryland is heading into grade One! He is the first child with Autism to attend his French immersion school. Im such a proud mom!! 



My little man headed into a fully inclusive 1st grade classroom!



My son Thomas on his first day of his Senior Year of high school!!



This is my bright light Kevin on his first day of Kindergarten! Here is our story of his first day of school! 



This is 8 year old Collin and his 6 year old sister, Rory. Collin was very excited to start 3rd grade and ride the bus with his sister. 

Remember to check out our School Community Toolkit and Postsecondary Educational Guide for more information as you prepare for back to school! 


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