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A Photo Diary of the Walmark Family Meeting John Mayer

It's not everyday you get to go to a John Mayer show, let alone head backstage to meet him. Last night, I did just that, but I was part of something so much bigger.

Ethan Walmark, of the 'Piano Man' fame, idolizes John Mayer and to see them meet was incredibly moving. I had a ball with the Walmark family and will treasure the night always. 

To try and write about the experience, truly wouldn't do it justice.  I'd rather you see some photos I snapped throughout because after all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

-Ali Dyer

The Walmarks are in their seats ready for John!!!

Ethan wrote this letter to John - yes it does say boobies! hehehe

Someone can't contain his excitement!

Ethan reading his letter to a very amused John!

Could pass for brothers, no?

The whole Walmark gang gets in on the action!

John's pick! Will guitar be Ethan's next instrument of choice?


Ethan is getting into it - Rock on!

He's not ready to leave!

Last shot of the night - that's a wrap!




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