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We Walk For Our Students


Lucy McCormick Senior School
Written by:  Angie Argiropoulos

Team Autism: Mission Possible fundraising page:

My Name is Angie Argiropoulos.  I am the Team Captain of Team Autism: Mission Possible at the Toronto Walk Now for Autism Speaks.  Most of the walkers on the team, including myself, work at Luck McCormick Senior School. 

The reason we fundraise is because most of the team either works with students with autism or live with someone who has autism.  We as a team have been fundraising for the past nine years. 

The majority of fundraisers occur at Lucy McCormick.  Everything from Greek lunches to bake sales, the staff at Lucy McCormick is always willing to participate in such a cause that affects most of our students at the school.

This year, we were very pleased and honoured to receive a Family Services Community Grant from Autism Speaks Canada. With this grant we were able to buy iPads for each classroom.  This was such a wonderful gift for our students and our school.  With these iPads, our students will be able to communicate with staff, their wants and needs.  Yes, our students use sign language and PECS, but technology is able to help our students express their feelings, words and ideas when this would otherwise be very difficult using the other methods.

Our students use the iPads as a communicative device and also as an entertainment tool. YouTube is very popular amongst our students.  Unlike a computer, we are able to move about the school with the iPads for constant communication or positive reinforcement.   We as a team and school are so grateful to have been chosen for this grant.  The happiness and focus we see when our students use the iPads are unbelievable and bring joy to the staff of Lucy McCormick. 

We thank you Autism Speaks Canada and all of your donors and supporters.  Team Autism: Mission Possible, will continue our mission to help bring awareness around our communities, to our friends and families and anyone else willing to listen.  IT’S TIME TO LISTEN!

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