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Jeff's Trip to Dover for the FedEx400 Benefiting Autism Speaks

Thanks to FedEx, NASCAR, and Autism Speaks my older brother Jeff was able to have the time of his life at the FedEx400 Benefiting Autism Speaks at Dover International Speedway. I wasn't able to attend because I was moving(yes again!), but luckily my other 'brother' Mark was up for the roadtrip. I have to tell you, it felt like I was side-by-side with the two gentle giants as they took part in the weekend festivities. The guys made their first real foray into the Twitter world and I think they nailed it! 

My brother recieved a camera from our dear family friends years back, and it was one of the greatest gifts ever. He rarely leaves home without it and my family loves to look at his photos. Some shots are certainly not ones I would take, but it is so intriguing to see where his eye go and what he deems important or interesting. So please join me as I relive Jeff's wonderful experience at Dover, one photo at a time.

-Ali Dyer


It all began with one Facebook post...





(My Mom took this one and I don't think they could look happier!)


(With the AMAZING Ann Gibbons!)





(Games for guests - Jeff was quite a fan of this!)


(Jeff LOVES taking food shots... before all the foodies took to Instagram!)



(Featured here with Christine Hart who was all over the Autism Speaks' Coverage)


(Wow! Thanks!)


(More Food!)


(New Friends!)


(Posted on the Autism Speaks Facebook Page - Jeff is 6'7 and Mark is 7'2 - Not sure about the amazing Jamie!)


So there you have it, a snipit of Jeff's trip to Dover. Next year he wants 4 tickets! I want to thank FedEx, NASCAR, and my amazing colleagues at Autism Speaks who gave my brother such an incredible weekend. I will be forever grateful. 

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