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'It's Not Goodbye...' on MTV's World Of Jenks

Last night was the season finale of MTV's World of Jenksand we have to admit... we weren't ready for it to end! But, as the title of the episode explains, 'It's Not Goodbye...' - and we can't be happier!

This season, Chad grow up tremendously, as we watched him have a girlfriend, which came with a first kiss and some Justin Bieber drama. We saw him graduate from his school and enter the workforce, which wasn't the easiest task. One of the biggest transitions Chad made was moving into a new home, which he was totally against, but with Jenk's help, he spent the first night sleeping in his own room since he was four years old. It is an emotional goodbye as Jenks has solidified himeself as a member of the family. As he packs up to go, he says it's, "see you later" and not "goodbye."

Two Bros Huggin It Out - Photo Credit MTV


You can watch the full episode here:


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