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Chad Faces 'Obstacles & Opportunities' on World of Jenks

The changes keep on coming for Chad on MTV's World of Jenks episode 'Obstacles & Opportunities.'

Chad recently learned that he has diabetes, and in an effort to help him lose weight, Jenks brings him to the gym. At first, Chad is hesitant, but goes and has some fun on a stationary bike.

Chad, Jenks, and Chad's job coach, Sean, return to Alfonso's for a trial run at Chad's potential job. Alfonso puts Chad immediately to work: making garlic knots, folding pizza boxes, and stocking supplies. He offers Chad a job, so it was a great day for all!

Next Chad learns that his parents are going to move. Change is difficult for him and while arguing he threatens to move into a group home. In an effort to help, Jenks brings Chad up to his parents' where they discuss moving, since he moved a lot when he was younger.

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