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Brian Patrick: Skating for Autism From Coast to Coast

Check out this guest post about Brian Patrick, the first person to inline skate coast to coast and back!

“From me to we to everyone, common good common cause bigger better more wonderful” – Brian Patrick, In-Line Skater for Autism

Brian Patrick, a 43 year old New York man with Asperger’s, just skated 6,000 miles across America and back on in-line skates, raising awareness about autism and Autism Speaks all along the way. Although his official finish line was Jacksonville, FL, he completed his journey at the April 7th Walk Now for Autism Speaks in Miami, where he received a hero’s welcome – talking with Suzanne and Bob Wright, meeting with Walk Chair Manny Gaunaurd, and addressing the crowd. 


*Brian Patrick and Suzanne Wright posing at the 2013 Walk Now for Autism Speaks in Miami this April!*

Brian has two children on the autism spectrum, and recently discovered that he, too, has an autism spectrum disorder. He undertook “The Journey” (as he calls it) to pay homage to individuals who live with autism every day and to bring awareness of autism in a very personal way to regular people, all while on inline skates supplied by Rollerblade.

From Long Island to California, and then back to land in Miami, Florida, Brian has focused on completing his goal of being the first person to return – he is the third to go from one coast to the other -  on inline skates to bring attention to the disorder that affects 1 in 88 children in the US.

Brian has written extensively about his experiences along the way on his Facebook page, and has recorded several videos to capture the reasons for his journey, the wonderful people he has met along the way, and the friends he has made while trying to make the world a better place for people with autism. He has appeared on television in California and Texas and would like nothing better than to have a chance to talk about this expedition with Jimmy Fallon! His fans and friends are encouraging him to write the book about his journey.

Candi Spitz, one of the Autism Speaks Walk committee members and fabulous volunteers, interviewed Brian at the Miami Walk

View Brian’s Thank You videos to everyone who supported him on this incredible trek (please read disclaimers first) on YouTube!

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