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Ainslee "Lights It Up Blue" for her Classmate who has Autism

This blog post is from 10-year-old Ainslee from Tyro Elementary School whose class is lighting it up blue for April!

There is a boy in our class that has autism. Our class decided to celebrate Autism Awareness Month because having someone with autism in our class has helped us to accept others who are different. So Autism Speaks sent our class autism shirts so that we could light it up blue. Also having someone with special needs has taught our class to have more respect towards others in our class and throughout the school. This has also led our class into learning more and more about autism, in fact our teacher has been teaching us facts about autism and people with autism who you would never think would have autism. The school has done a great job making sure he had a teacher to be with him and help him learn. The kids in our class try to interact with him as much as possible and learn new things about him. Having him in our class has really brought our class together and we are happy to have to opportunity to have him in our class.

~ Ainslee, 10 
Tyro Elementary

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