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Calling Middle- & High-Schoolers!: Wear it Blue on April 25

What is Wear it Blue?

Wear it Blue is a campaign to raise awareness and show support for families affected by autism. Wear it Blue was conceived in Washington DC by a 16-year old sister of a young teen with autism and her many friends who have always been there displaying compassion, love and understanding for her and her family. In Washington, DC, the DC Inaugural Committee will have simultaneous bake sales on April 25th at many middle and high schools in the metropolitan area to sell donated goods from local bakeries.

Why Wear it Blue?

The major goal of this initiative is not only to raise awareness and funds but also to get all students in the schools participating to wear something blue (not just jeans) in support of those affected by autism. We need people to outwardly show that they are there for those afflicted by autism and autism is a 24/7/365 liflelong issue and understand that what the world needs is more compassion, understand and love for those who bravely face these challenges everyday

What will the price points be for the Bake Sales?

We will be sure to have items that everyone can afford to buy. That means from $.50 to $2.00. If you think your school will be open to selling key chains with the Wear it Blue logo made by Scout (they will be about $5.00 each) we can get those to you as well; just contact us through .

How Many Volunteers will be needed at each school to run the bake sales?

This is really up to the committee member. At one DC school, for example, the opportunities to sell would be before school, at lunch, again during study hall and if anything is left over, after school before sports. We recommend 8-10 volunteers during the bake sale.


How you can help:

· Start off by getting your class and school involved!

· Get permission from your principal for a school-wide Wear It Blue Day on April 25, 2013

· Organize a Bake Sale for April 25th

· Make a donation at .

· Share on Facebook.

Middle schoolers get a jump on Wear It Blue by hosting a Sunday afternoon bake sale under the cherry trees in DC, raising $440

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