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Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Craver Candle!

Anyone who craves the unforgettable flavor of White Castle’s Original Slider® remembers the mouth-watering aroma. Now, White Castle is offering its unique Original Slider-scented candle on with net proceeds benefiting the nation’s largest autism research and advocacy organization, Autism Speaks. Designed by Laura Slatkin, the award-winning founder of Nest Fragrances, this limited-edition candle comes in a ceramic replica of the signature White Castle Slider box.

Now here are the Top 5 Reasons to Buy an 
Original Slider-scented Candle!

1. You named your kids Harold and Kumar

2. Lavender is so 2012... 2013 is the year of BLUE!

3. Because they sold out in 24 hours last time. Don’t miss your chance!

4. You're now a vegan, but you still crave!

5. You moved away from home and the nearest Castle is 400 miles away. Satisfy your White Castle fix between visits home!

Now get out there and buy a candle by clicking here!

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