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Calls to Action

A Poem Called "Light It Up Blue"

Annivar Salgado, a volunteer for Autism Speaks wrote a poem he wanted to share called "Light It Up Blue" to spread the message of autism awareness for April. 

Light It Up Blue

Light it up blue, it's so easy to do

Doesn't take very long, shows how love can be strong

For the kids who we know, need support as they grow

And for families too, who are counting on you

So come lend us a hand, throughout this wondrous' land

We can all play a part, when we give from the heart

Take a moment today, for the 1 in 88

Who each day of their lives, show such courage and pride

And when this day is through, don't just take off the blue

Keep this light glowing bright, and continue the fight

For it won't end today, when the blue lights all fade

It's a journey for life, filled with joy and with strife

But today you can show, with this small little glow

That we're never alone, in this land we call home

It's a light within you, when we Light It Up Blue

By, Annivar Salgado


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