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Calls to Action


This post is by Ana Arroyo, a Scentsy Consultant. She says, 'Autism has affected my life, in my son, my grandson and niece.  If you know someone or have someone in your family with Autism, why not give to the cause and receive the beautiful warmer/candle.  You can keep it for yourself or give as a gift.' Ana can be reached by phone at (914) 844-4592 or my mail

Colorful jigsaw pieces playfully pop out from the puzzle adorning Piece by Piece, Scentsy’s Charitable Cause Warmer (candle), designed to represent the mission cause Autism Speaks.  Since 2005, Autism Speaks has been funding global research, spreading awareness, and providing hope to families whose children receive this complex diagnosis.  Their mission:  solving the puzzle, Piece by Piece.

The Piece by Piece Warmer is priced at $35.00 and Scentsy will donate 100% of the net proceeds from the sale of this warmer directly to Autism Speaks.

So if you are interested in purchasing a Piece by Piece warmer and your money going to Autism Speaks, you can go to my website: and don’t forget to order at least one Scentsy bar to use with your Scentsy candle.

Ana wrote a blog a beautiful blog entitled, 'My Son' that can be read here.


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