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Calls to Action

Be an Autism HERO!

This post is by Lourdes De Dios, Pre-K special education teacher

On Thursday, February 28th, 2013, Charles R. Hadley Elementary School joined forces with Autism Speaks where a pep rally was held at the school promoting autism awareness and informed students about upcoming school fundraisers supporting Autism Speaks. 

Autism Speaks staff Angelica Fernandez and intern Andrea Garcia began the pep rally by congratulating Charles R. Hadley Elementary School for being last year’s top fundraising public school in Miami-Dade County and motivated students to achieve this goal once again by speaking about student incentives. Student performances from several classes at Charles R. Hadley Elementary served as a vehicle to educate students and faculty about several aspects of autism.  Ms. Stahovec’s students displayed posters they created and read about several characteristics of an autistic child and strategies on how to interact with them.   Ms. Carasa’s class gave an emotional presentation depicting how any child can be affected by this nondiscrimination disorder.  Students in Mr. Fuentes’ class presented a collage promoting an upcoming school wide fundraising walk event, which read “ walk for autism, care, love, help”, as they sang The World is a Rainbow, a song about accepting differences.  Finally, Ms. D’Alerta and Ms. Karborani’s students dressed in super hero costumes combatting autism.

Students and faculty will continue promoting autism awareness by speaking in the morning announcements as well as participating in different learning activities in their classrooms. The school will be involved in several fundraising activities which include; a puzzle piece campaign, Dress in blue for World Autism Day, t-shirt sales and a school wide Puzzle Piece Walk Parade.  

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