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Light It Up Blue with Rosco Color Filters!

Roscolux color filters (aka gels) make it very easy for you to add the color blue to lights in your office, home, restaurant or building to help Light It Up Blue on World Autism Awareness Day – April 2nd.  

The official color filters for this event are Roscolux #68 Parry Sky Blue and Roscolux #80 Primary Blue.  Why are there two colors?  The answer comes from the staff at HOK Lighting who became a driving force for lighting up their home city St. Louis blue years ago.  HOK approached several of the clients they’d worked with over the years and, working with their local Rosco dealer Cine Services, they used Rosco color filters to turn their clients’ exterior lights blue.  

Missouri History Museum lit up blue using Rosco color filters thanks to HOK Lighting and Cine Services


HOK Lighting recommends using Roscolux #68 on lower-medium intensity light fixtures or if the illuminated surface is less reflective and/or darker-colored, and Roscolux #80 Primary Blue on brighter lights or if the surface is lighter and/or more reflective.  Roscolux filters are available in 20”x24” sheets and 24”x25’ rolls.

Most light fixtures can be covered using the 20”x24” sheets.  However, if you need to add blue to several lights, it is more economical to buy the 24”x25’ roll.  



Visit to see more ways you can use Rosco color filters to light your building blue.

HOK’s approach makes Lighting It Up Blue easy, so we’re sharing their recommendations now as people begin to make preparations to Light It Up Blue on April 2.




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