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Kerry's Korner - I'm Autistic: Please Don't Fear Me...

This post is by Kerry Magro. You can visit his Facebook at and blog at!

My reactions to the gunman from The Sandy Hook Elementary shooting possibly having asperger syndrome, a form of autism. As someone who's autistic I wanted to write a letter to the press about my feelings on this which I share in the video and below. 

My Letter:

Dear Media Outlets Everywhere,

As we mourn for the victims in the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, please refrain from doing damage to our community by linking autism with violence.

Even if we find out that the shooter does in fact have autism it does not mean our community is dangerous as we are more likely to have someone commit a violent crime towards us than the other way around.

Many people already see autism as 'wrong' and these false reports will lead to nothing but further ignorance for countless individuals who more than anything just want to be accepted for who they are.

Please say you'll try to understand....

Warm Regards, A Non-Violent Autistic Adult


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