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Artists for Autism

This post is by Jonas Marquez, father and founder of Artists for Autism Awareness.

Artists for Autism Awareness ( are dedicated to raising money for research, awareness, outreach, sibling services, and more.  Our main form of fundraising is our online concert series on  All of our shows on are always “pay what you can”, that means you can watch any of our shows, live via the internet, for only 10 cents.  We do this so that families affected by autism spectrum disorder can afford to watch a show, in the stress free environment of their own home.  No lines to wait in, no crowds to deal with, and meltdowns are okay (though not recommended or necessary to attend a show).  As all families affected by ASD know, every cent brings us closer to finding a cure, raising awareness, providing services, and providing understanding.  

I was a roadie for several years, touring around the world as an extramusician and tech, until my second son was born and diagnosed with autism.  I was fortunate to have worked with Toad The Wet Sprocket, a band that is known for doing a lot of charitable work.  What I found, while working these charity shows was that two things usually occurred. 1) The show was put on by 
a promoter, who took advantage of everyone donating their time and efforts,n to then make a lot of money for him/her self and give very little to the charity. 2) The show was promoted by people who had the best of intentions, but didn’t know what they were doing.  In either situation, the potential to raise money for a great cause was lost, and the artists were treated like a 
commodity, being required to attend “VIP” dinners, and “meet and greets” with fans.  This has caused a lot of artists to shy away from benefit concerts.  We at Artists for Autism Awareness allow the artists to contribute the minimum time requirement, while generating a much high percentage of profit.  Artists don’t ever have to meet anyone in person, and can do the shows 
from where ever they want.  This also allows the fans to have a more intimate look at the artists, as they perform from less conventional locations than regular concerts.
Here is how works.  You create a login on the site, fund your account with as little as $5.00, than buy tickets to any and all shows on  There is no user fees, all of your money goes towards show tickets. So with your initial $5.00 funding, you could then attend 
50 of our Artists for Autism Awareness shows.  Artists like Glen Phillips from Toad the Wet Sprocket (our first show) for only 10 cents, to perform in your home, via the internet.  
It takes a very short amount of time to create an account, and you can start watching shows right away.  There are always several great shows on  So please help spread the word so we can raise the much needed funds to help all families affected by ASD.  Create your account on and attend our shows, tell your friends and families about it, so they can attend.  We are partnering with great people like Acoustic for 
Autism to bring great entertainment to our concert series.  Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, to keep appraised of all our latest shows, and read about all the great artists donating their time and efforts.  

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