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Tech Central News! - November 2012

Last month was a busy month at Autism Speaks' Technology Central, as we continued to provide information, and resources that make it easier for families affected by autism to make the best technology decisions for Apps and devices.

In October, we launched Technology and Autism Webinar Series, a monthly webinar presented by experts that provides user friendly and practical information to people with autism and their families. Question and answer sessions make the webinars interactive and meaningful to a broad audience.  All the webinars are recorded along with PowerPoint presentations that are then available for download at Technology Central

Hundreds of participants joined us on Oct 3rd to hear Mark Mautone, a special education teacher from the NJ Public Schools present “How to Use Technology to Enhance Learning for People with ASD”.
Mark made 3 key points for Families:

1.     Select a device based on appropriateness, not popularity

2.     Training and implementation is the key to successful outcomes

3.     Connect with an expert in the area of technology, teaching, and autism spectrum disorders

 You can listen to Mark’s webinar by clicking here.

Mark your calendars for our November 14th at 7 pm (EST) presentation by Kate Grandbois, MS, CCC-SLP,
who will present a comprehensive over view on Technology Assessments”.  She will address these and other questions:

·       How can I get an AAC evaluation for my child?

·       What information should I gather prior to an AAC assessment?

·       What can I expect from an AAC assessment?

Register for the Nov 14th webinar!

Looking for a specific App? Check out our Autism Apps database where you can sort by category, price, age, and/or platform. We’ve heard from families who were pleased with how easy it is to find an App for their family member with autism based on age and interests.  Do you have a favorite autism app you'd like to add to this list? Email us at

This month's App spotlight is  iCommunicate, a very popular App for people with autism. The App allows you to design visual schedules, storyboards, communication boards, routines, flash cards, choice boards, speech cards, and much more. It is easily customized to fit your needs. The app was developed by parents of a special needs child at Grembe App. For more information, check out their community information page: Also, you will find some demos at:



Our own app, Autism Speaks, provides access to our blogs, the latest research, technology, resource and other related news. We are pleased to announce the app is now available for iPhone and android mobile phones and of course for iPads and other tablet formats! Go the iTunes store or Google Play to download the app.

Autism Speaks Technology Guide 
This guide is designed for individuals with autism and their families and will help you discover new technologies that can help you find your voice and find your path in life. The guide focuses on “therapeutic” technologies and “applied” technologies.

Help us build our archive of FAQ - Do you have a technology question you'd like answered?
Email us at and we will be happy to answer your question.

Have a great month and I look forward to providing you with more Tech Central News! next month.

Happy Thanksgiving!







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