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11 Ways to Recruit Sponsors for College Events!

When hosting Autism Speaks U events, recruit national and local sponsors to help support your efforts! Whether asking for supplies, prizes, food, t-shirts or monetary donations, sponsorship can be secured in a number of ways. Companies are always looking for ways to give back; all you have to do is ASK!

Begin by downloading the Autism Speaks U Media & Sponsorship Guide. Then, see the 11 tips below from Autism Speak U chapters on how to recruit sponsors: 

1. Emily Riepenhoff, Xavier University
“Our sponsorship chair is currently in the processes of contacting local businesses for donations for our silent auction. The responses have been very, very successful! If you have the sponsorship packet, W9 and tax ID information things happen very smoothly!” 

2. Eric Smith, University of Michigan
We reached out to local businesses to sponsor our annual basketball tournament. In return we received food from them, and we placed their logo on all our flyers.”

3. Lamees Elnihum, Texas A&M University
Our amazing Sponsorship Chair went out to local grocery stores, restaurants, etc., and through them we were able to get gift cards to sponsor our bake sale, free pizza for our meetings, permission to profit share with them, etc.” 

4. Vicky Cid, Cal State Fullerton
We have established connections with establishments and members of the community who are affected by autism. They heard about us via students on campus, alumni, or our local Autism Speaks reps. if there are others we need to branch out to for an event, we always utilize our sponsorship/media packet to explain what the event is and what materials we need from them.” 

5. Sadie-Lynn Tansey, Stonehill College
We have asked local bakeries to donate a tray of cupcakes for our bake sales at sporting events, they have all been more than willing to help.”

6. Amanda Ravenstein, Pittsburg State
We sent out letters asking for donations for our drawing and followed up with them. We got quite a few donations and some potential monetary sponsors for future events.”

7. Olivia Singleton, Armstrong Atlantic State University
"We start by contacting business who have already established a partnership with Autism Speaks, like Toys R Us, to see how they would like to help out and they usually say yes because they are already familiar with the cause. Also asking business for things besides money. For example, we needed bottled water for a Walk that we hosted and we asked Publix to donate and they were more than happy to, giving us a buggy full of waters!”

8. Kate Parrott, University of MN
"When asking for sponsorship we have explained the importance of what we are raising funds for! Also, we promise lots of advertising for their services.” 

9. Georgette Dumpert, University of South Florida
“We contact restaurants and other business that we feel would benefit our organization. We do this by talking about the organization and the difference we can make with their help. We also receive a large amount of funding from our student government.” 

10. Christina Hua, Northwestern University
We contact chains and local stores whenever we have big fundraising events. We ask them to donate coupons or food, and they are usually happy to help out!” 

11. Eric Santarsiero, University of San Francisco
We simply went door to door at local businesses. Presenting the flyer for the event is huge because as soon as someone sees the puzzle piece and actually knows what it is, they become very interested to help.” 

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