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This post is by musician Matt Milgliorino. You can find learn more about Matt and listen to his music here.

My name is Matt Migliorino and I'm from Milford, New Jersey. I'm a 16 year old musician who has been playing for about 5 years. Apart from studying music I joined a school for performing rock music called School of Rock. From there, I started loving music and started to wrote my own.

This is my first acoustic instrumental I have named "Aspire". Although the song has no lyrics, to me, it has a feeling of feeling down and feeling happy in different parts. I named it "Aspire" because of the changes in mood. There's always ups and downs on the road but you got to dream and try to become the best you can, despite what others will tell you. That's how I look at the song. I wanted to give back to such a great cause by giving half of the proceeds to Autism Speaks and hopefully spark another person to aspire to be the best they can. 

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