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Innovative Toy Design from Purdue

We are students at Purdue University in an engineering design course, our team consists of 4 members: Kevin Morrisroe, Marissa Zon, Jim Brand, and Gautam Pansare. For this semester, our project is to design a non-electric toy that physically interacts with the user. Our team is interested in creating a toy for autistic children in 4-7 year age group. We chose to make a toy for autistic children because one of our team members is very close with a family who has an autistic child and the rest of our team wants to make a toy that will really make a difference, not just another toy on target's shelves. We were looking into creating a toy that would fit easily into a home environment. We would like to know what you as parents would like to see on the market for your child to play with?



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