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5 Reasons to Read the New Autism Speaks U Chapter Guidebook

Are you interested in establishing an Autism Speaks U chapter or spicing up an existing one? Download the NEW Autism Speaks U Chapter Guidebook for tips and resources to start and maintain a collegiate chapter!
Although we think the Chapter Guidebook is the best thing since sliced bread, below are 5 reasons to read it. 

  1. Form a Solid Executive Board. The key to a successful chapter is a strong e-board. Review each description and match students up with the position that best fits them.
  2. Increase Your Efforts: COLLOBORATE. See what student clubs and Greek organizations support Autism Speaks U and learn how to make the chapter’s events bigger and better!
  3. Run Successful Meetings. Learn how to structure e-board and general meetings so members are engaged and excited to be a part of the chapter.
  4. Secure Sponsors & Publicity. Review the Media & Sponsorship Guide. It includes tips, as well as custom templates for a press release and sponsorship packet.
  5. Know the Facts. Statistics and facts on autism are always changing. Get the 411 on autism, Autism Speaks and Autism Speaks U.

                                 College students, faculty and alumni can connect with    
                             Autism Speaks U via its websiteFacebook and/or Twitter.

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