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Panther Technology Launches Advanced Apps for iOS

This post is written by Richard Ellenson, founder and President of Panther Technology.

In 1997, my son was born with magic, wonder, kindness, and disabilities. In those years, I have had so many experiences – among them helping to start a school program in New York City and also creating the Tango, an AAC Device which many consider to have helped create new innovative energy in the world of Speech Generating Devices.

Two years ago, I decided to change my focus from the field, to the family. I took time off. On a personal level, it was magical. But during that time, I wasn’t the only one to change. The world changed too. Apps were suddenly everywhere. And the challenges we faced in our community starting swirling around faster and faster – with new hopes, dreams, and approaches – and also new challenges, confusions, and conversations.

So out of the time came new ideas. And a new company. Panther Technology. Following is an letter about our mission, about how our company came into being, and about my many wonderful years in this field.

But first…. today Panther is releasing the first of ours advanced premium apps based on Universal Design. To share this moment with the many people at Autism Speaks who have supported us with their insights and enthusiasm, we want to announce a special offer.

Panther Connect provides exciting innovations in computer access. And we want to let our friends know we’ll be offering 50% savings in the app store for the first 50 hours that the app is available.

I hope you share this moment with us. I hope you’ll find us at our site ( on Facebook (Panther Technology) or on Twitter (pantherapps). 

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