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500 Words About Squag

What is Squag?
[skwag] A curated social space for kids 8+ on the autism spectrum to build ideas about themselves.

The Mirror:
The mirror is the anchor of the child's Squagpad™. It is an opportunity for them to self-reflect and create original thoughts about themselves. It is a private, live webcam where they can literally see themselves, and even capture their own image to post in their scrapbook.

Photos & Videos:
The photo and video libraries are curated and completely self-contained. Parents can comment on videos and kids will find them when they arrive in their SquagpadTM. Kids have access to content that validates special interests, and if parents choose, promote self-advocacy.

The journal is a place for kids to record their day and browse through others that spotlight accomplishments & achievements. Every journal entry is also recorded in their scrapbook to reinforce their daily thoughts visually.

The scrapbook is a beautiful communication between parent and child. A new way to send messages of encouragement and encode memories; a tangible way for parents to learn about their child's activities without hovering.

Sensory Space:
The SquagpadTM was designed to be simple, clean, and free of sensory noise. Kids can adjust how much light comes in through an open window, colors are customizable, and soft relaxing music plays to encourage calm and promote regulation.

Becoming a member of the SquagTM community offers your son or daughter a safe way to build ideas about themselves to share with you and (when they’re ready) with their peers.

The peer-to-peer enabled SquagpadsTM are coming soon!

Start your free trial here.

*You will have to add the offer code 60DaysOfSquag to sign up for the free trial!:

Click here for Squag's user guide!


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