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Hero Dog Awards

Service Dogs are incredible resources for people with disabilities. They can assist those with autism, visual or hearing impairment, and mental disabilities. 

We need your help! 

American Humane Association's Hero Dog Awards™ were created in 2010 to celebrate the powerful relationships between dogs and people, to serve as a catalyst to advance society's understanding of the human-animal bond. Dogs are an invaluable part of our lives every day; as companion animals, service and therapy animals, animal soldiers, police officers and first responders and emerging heroes.

Iris is up for a 2012 American Humane Association Hero Dog Award! You can VOTE HERE for Iris. Her charity partner is America’s VetDogs® – The Veteran's K-9 Corps®. Here is a little information about Iris...

Iris is a Service dog from America's Vet Dogs. She is part of the new pilot program that takes rescues and pairs them up with Veterans. I have a number of disabilities that are life threatening if they happen while I am alone. Iris has been trained to activate a 911 button then bark to let the local responders know that I am having an event. She has already proven that she can do her job on 3 separate occasions, allowing me much more freedom than I have had in the past. Her companionship has also allowed me to be able to go out into public groups without the worries that I have experienced since my retirement from the Army. Iris and I have only been a team since Sept of 2011 but we have been through so much together that I can say the rescue has become the rescuer in this partnership. I could not imagine life without her and now look forward to life instead of dreading everyday. America's Vet Dog and The Guide Dog Foundation are amazing people that have made such a difference in my life by teaming me up with Iris.


Autism Speaks provides several resources for families looking to aquire a service dog. Here are some links!

Paws with a Cause

Service Dog World

North Star Dogs

You can also search our 'Resource Guide' under 'Services'

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