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Autism in the News -05.11.12

Changes to autism manual (The Gainesville Herald)
If Timmy gets upset in school, he asks to be excused and goes to a stall in the restroom. After he closes the door, he flaps his arms. Read more.

Columbus students with autism write book (Columbus, Ga.)
Recent studies show 1 in 88 children are diagnosed with autism in the United States. Read more.

Officer urges autism training for first responders (The Columbus Dispatch)
Akron Police Sgt. Mark Farrar knows the facts of autism in his head and the pain of autism in his heart. Read more.

Autism-friendly 'Guys and Dolls' at Saratoga Civic Theatre (Saratoga, N.Y.)
Live theater is something many people find enjoyable and stimulating, but for those with sensory defects it can be uncomfortable and even painful. Read more.

Challenges of College for Students with Autism (Ozarks First)
We hear a lot about autism these days. One college student is facing his autism challenges head-on and still doing the things he loves. Read more.

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