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Autism in the News - 05.07.12

Study Damps Fears on Autism Change (The Wall Street Journal)
Proposed new diagnostic criteria for autism don't appear to reduce the number of children diagnosed with that condition, according to preliminary data presented at the American Psychiatric Association annual meeting on Sunday. Read more.

Researcher Designs Schoolyard for Children with Autism (Manhattan, Kan.)
Chelsey King, master's student in landscape architecture, St. Peters, Mo., is working with Katie Kingery-Page, assistant professor of landscape architecture, to envision a place where elementary school children with autism could feel comfortable and included. Read more.

Advice for parents of kids with autism (WPRI)
When Theresa Mahoney’s son was three and a half, the family noticed that his behavior was different from his peers'. Theresa soon found out that her son has autism. Read more.

Metal Rockers Shine Light on Autism (Rolling Stone)
Former Anthrax guitarist Dan Spitz is back with a new project called Red Lamb, and the band has just released a video for the song "Puzzle Box" (watch below). Co-produced and co-written by Megadeth's Dave Mustaine, the song tackles an unusual subject for metal: autism in children. Read more.

School offers support, basic life lessons to autistic students (Chron)
Riley Simpson could have become a statistic, one of the growing number of people with autism who leave school only to find that the next step toward independence - a job and a home of their own - remains just beyond their grasp. Read more.

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