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The Boss!

This blog post is by Robert Holt

We were in for a wild ride right from the start.

 Bruce Springsteen was back in town, and we amazingly won tickets through Autism Speaks 5K, donated by Patti Springsteen.  Patti was inspired by a girl with autism who could horseback ride just like a normally developing teen, and wanted to donate tickets to the Autism Speaks cause.  Coincidentally, we were the lucky winners - my wife & I have been active in the Autism Speaks 5K and Walks for many years, and have a sweetheart 13-year-old daughter with autism.

 The seats were row B, next to the stage, with the other "Friends of the Band"  Cool, huh?  The Boss proceeded to take us on the Thunder Road for three hours of excitement, thrills and heartbreak and pain.  It sentimentally took us back to the 70's, when teen angst merged into just gettin' by.  Somehow.  For us now, we middle-agers still have a piece of that in us, and all of us there (and the young ones, too) danced, sang and let everything go in one glorious night.  Heck, we all knew the words, right?  We belted them out with reckless abandon.  The normally straight-laced successful professionals there shed any pretense we'd built up over the years and just let it fly.  It was liberating, to say the least.

 In We Take Care of Our Own, Bruce talks of the unique quality of Americans.  I know that our family, friends, support groups, Autism Speaks and Patti Springsteen are all part of it.  No matter what political affiliation, Americans take care of their own.

 Patti, and Autism Speaks, thanks so much for the tickets.  It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Photo Credit: GIGWISE

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