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Autism in the News - 04.23.12

Autism Awareness Walk raises awareness (KCBD)
The 7th annual Burthart Walk for Autism Awareness drew quite a crowd Sunday. Read more.

Antidepressants may fail to help some autistic kids (Fox News)
About a quarter of children with autism may be taking antidepressants that won't help them, a new study suggests. Read more.

Racing to Raise Autism Awareness (10 11)
They're leading the race to raise awareness. That's how one Central Nebraska family is getting the word out about autism. They're hosted "Racing Against Autism," a series of four horses at Grand Island's Fonner Park Sunday. Read more.

Golden Oldie: Dan Marino Takes New Quarterback Role As AARP Spokesman (New York Sports Journalism)
Claiming that "age is really just a number," Dan Marino, the man who was a master of numbers during his NFL Hall of Fame career, has signed on to become the "men's life ambassador" for AARP, the non-profit group that works on behalf of 37 million people 50 and older. Read more.

Baby Kate trial takes less dramatic turn in week two (Ludington, Mich.)
Testimony continues for a sixth day in Ludington in the Sean Phillips trial. Read more.

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