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Weekly Whirl - How did you go BLUE?

If anyone knows how hectic life can get – WE DO! That’s why we have created the Autism Speaks Weekly Whirl to fill you in on all of the highlights of the week! The last thing we want is for you to be left out of the loop! Please share with friends and family to spread the word about all of the exciting things going on in the autism community. Keep in mind, these updates aren’t limited to Autism Speaks — we will be featuring news from across the community.


This year 'Light it Up Blue' was a HUGE success! We are incredibly overwhelmed by the awareness efforts that took place all over the world! We are still recieving some amazing stuff - keep it coming!


Sam Irving painted the Gilbert Water Tower in Blue and took the painting to our business-friends in Gilbert. Here is the painting at Art Intersections in downtown Gilbert, AZ. 


Blue House!

Groovy Nails!

How cool is this?!?

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