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Calls to Action

With Special Needs, Come Special Powers

This blog post is by Joey Santley, President Kid Natural Corporation. 

Autism Speaks and Kid Natural Corporation are pleased to introduce Super Hero- Kid Natural. Kid Natural is the son of Mother Nature and King Neptune. He is an action sports, environmentally conscious, super hero. He also happens to have Autism, and wants to remind us that....With Special Needs Come Special Powers.

Kid Natural is on several missions that you can help with! First off, he is on a mission to help Autism Speaks find the missing piece of the Puzzle and you can help by downloading his new game- Cowabunga Cleanup. A fun game for all to enjoy, Android and Apple versions of Cowabunga Cleanup will be available April 2nd- via the Kid Natural website in honor of World Autism Awareness Day!

You can also show your support of Autism Speaks by wearing a Kid Natural t-shirt, available on the Kid Natural website. A portion of all proceeds will benefit Autism Speaks.

Come back soon to find out what the next of many adventures of Kid Natural and his sidekick Waddles that you and your whole family can be part of.

Please share your thoughts and videos with us to help the Kid Natural message grow!

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