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Autism in the News - 03.23.12

Autism Linked to Superior Information Processing Skills (Psych Central)
New research from the UK suggests people with autism have a greater than normal capacity for processing information. Read more.

When a Child With Autism Wanders, It's Crucial to Stay a Step Ahead (U.S. News Health)
The Oertel family lives in a red-brick, two-story house tucked in a tree-lined, suburban Maryland cul-de-sac. There's no fence, just a small alarm company sign on the lawn that gives no clue to the system's real purpose. Read more.

Autistic student starts club dedicated to help, inform (The Reflector) 
Alexander Orsak, sophomore communication major, started Jigsaw MSU, a club at Mississippi State University, to help raise autism awareness after realizing how Asberger’s Syndrome affected him during his first year in college. Read more.

Chapter of Autism Speaks in the works (My Journal Courier)
One of the hallmarks of the Jacksonville community is its network of services for those with developmental or physical disabilities. But for the autistic, many needed services can only be accessed in bigger cities. Read more.

Diagnosis, treatment of autism worth the price to Michigan (Record Eagle)
For parents of children with autism, it's a ray of light — a chance for their child to get the kinds of treatment that could lead to a fuller, more complete life, something most parents of these children could never hope to afford. Read more.

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