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Autism in the News - 02.17.12

Brain scans in infants shed light on autism onset (CNN) New research provides evidence that wiring in the brains of children with autism differs from typically developing children as early as six months of age, according to a study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry on Friday. Read more. 

Doctors "fire" patients who refuse vaccines for their children: Ethical? (CBS) Won't get your kid vaccinated? You're fired. That's the extreme step some pediatricians are taking when it comes to dealing with parents who won't get their children vaccinated over concerns the injections cause autism or other side effects. Read more.

Playground crusader (Garland, Texas) A 10-year-old Garland, Texas girl wants her city to make city playgrounds more accessible to students with disabilities. She took her fight to the city council. Read more. 

Father-Son Venture (Harvard Magazine) In the 12 years that Tom Fields-Meyer ’84 spent writing human-interest stories for People magazine, never did he consider writing about his own family. Only on the eve of his departure from People in 2007, when his editor approached him on the subject, did he think of writing that personal story. Read more.

Special Ed Teacher Hadn’t Completed Required Credentials Upon Hire (Redwood City Patch) The school board waived the specific credential requirements to allow Alexia Bogdis to teach special education while she was working toward certification. Read more. 

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