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Autism in the News - 01.24.12

It makes sense to redefine autism (CNN) "Will my child still qualify for a diagnosis of autism?" This is the question on the minds of many parents with children who have autism. The short answer is: Most likely, yes. Read more. Autistic boy beat up at the bus stop while peers watch and cheer; One posts video on Facebook  (The New York Daily News) The horrified parents of an autistic sixth grader watched video of their son being pummeled by a peer after another student posted the disturbing footage on Facebook. Read more. Study links autism, intestinal bacteria levels (Columbia Spectator) Researchers at Columbia may be making strides toward understanding the neurological disorder of autism–starting with, of all places, the intestine, according to a recent study. Read more. Families Wait Patiently for Autism Insurance Coverage (Leesburg Patch) Last spring, Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) signed into law a bill mandating that insurance companies help pay for the treatment of autistic children. Read more. White Knuckle Parenting: Horrible Homework (Silver Spring Patch) My youngest son started kindergarten in the fall of 2010. His two older brothers were already students at the local elementary school and before the school year ended in June of 2010, they were sent home with summer learning packets to complete over the summer. At the last PTA meeting of the year, I was the jerk parent who asked if there were packets for incoming kindergarteners. Read more. Autism Speaks’ daily blog “Autism in the News” is a mix of top news stories of the day. Autism Speaks does not vet the stories and the views contained therein do not necessarily reflect Autism Speaks beliefs or point of view.

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