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Autism in the News - 01.05.12

Author of Discredited Vaccine-Autism Report Sues for Libel (Science Insider) Gastroenterologist Andrew Wakefield has been defeated at nearly every round in a legal battle over his claims about autism, but he's coming back for another. An article Wakefield published in 1998 linking the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine to autism and bowel disease was immediately challenged and discredited. Wakefield, formerly based at a U.K. Read More.

Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism: The book we’ve been waiting for (SF Gate) Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism a one-stop resource for carefully curated, evidence-based information from autism parents, autistics, and autism professionals. The book has only been out for a few weeks and already been declared Book of the Year by Steve Silberman, senior writer for Wired magazine and autism/neurodiversity blogger for the Public Library of Science. Read More.

Local Military Families Benefit from Autism Grant (CampPendleton Patch) ACT Today! (Autism Care and Treatment Today!), announces Hope 4 Hanna, a fellow non-profit organization, has awarded ACT Today! with an $8,000 contribution. Read More.

Man with autism beaten outside of Starbucks (6 News Lawrence) A Lawrence man who suffers from autism was right outside of Starbucks Wednesday night when he was attacked. "I was listening to music, minding my own business, some guy came up to me and he punched me in the head," says AJ Alexander. The 22 year-old has a visible bruise on his left eye after being attacked for no apparent reason. Read more.

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