Autism Speaks U

Autism Speaks U is a program that supports students, faculty and alumni in their awareness and fundraising efforts for Autism Speaks. Chapters follow the lead of their Presidents and Vice Presidents, who are made up of students on the spectrum, students who have family members or friends on the spectrum, and students who want to make a difference in the autism community.

The program’s inaugural event took place at Penn State University in 2006 and Autism Speaks U launched nationally in 2008. Autism Speaks U currently has over 30 active chapters, and their events have raised millions of dollars, with collegiate teams from our Autism Speaks Walk bringing in millions more!

The School & Youth Programs Team at Autism Speaks guides students through the process of starting chapters and planning events, while connecting them with their local community and college students across the country.

Why Should You Join?

Joining or starting an Autism Speaks U chapter will help you learn to serve as a leader and autism advocate on campus and in the local community. Here are a few other reasons why you should join the Autism Speaks U family:

  • To gain professional experience for your resume and earn volunteer hours. 
  • To acquire skills in marketing, fundraising, event planning, volunteer development and community outreach.
  • To connect with leaders and experts on autism for advice, ideas and future opportunities.
  • To help Autism Speaks change the future for all who struggle with autism.
  • To collaborate with other Autism Speaks U students from schools nationwide.

To bring an Autism Speaks U Chapter to your school and community, register here!

A member of our School & Youth Programs Team will reach out to schedule a brief one-on-one introductory call. Following the phone call, we’ll ask that you contact your school’s Student Activities office and request a letter indicating that your university recognizes your status as a “Registered Student Organization (RSO).”  

Once you’ve returned the approved RSO letter to our team, you’ll be able to start helping Autism Speaks enhance lives today and accelerate a spectrum of solutions for tomorrow!

Click here for the 2021 ASU Chapter Guidebook.

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