Autism Grants for Families

The following is a list of grants from national organizations that offer support to families with autistic loved ones. For questions, please contact the organization listed directly. Autism Speaks is not responsible for and does not administer or monitor the grants below. 

Autism Grants

Ability Found 

Ability Found provides people with disabilities with much-needed equipment to facilitate independence, productivity, safety, opportunity and dignity. Examples of equipment they provide include: adapted pediatric strollers, adapted pediatric daily and feeding chairs, pediatric toileting equipment, pediatric bathing equipment, augmentative communication devices 

Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation (ASDF) 

ASDF offers multiple opportunities for autistic children, including: 

  • Summer Scholarship Program to support social skills camps, swimming programs and equine assisted services. These scholarships give children the opportunity to participate in programming that enhances their communication skills and self-confidence.    

  • iPads for Kids Program puts a proven tool to enhance communication for autistic children right into their hands. 

  • Holiday gift cards allow families to focus on providing the most enriching and meaningful experiences for their autistic child. 

Autism Care Today 

Autism Care Today’s Quarterly Assistance Program provides families with real help by directly paying a child’s service provider for services they would otherwise not be able to afford. Areas of support include but are not limited to: Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy, speech and occupational therapy, bio-medical testing, supplements, assistive technologies (i.e.: iPad, communication apps), safety equipment (such as safety fencing, GPS tracking devices and autism service dogs), social skills groups, special needs summer camps and many more. 

The Autistic People of Color Fund 

The Fund practices redistributive justice and mutual aid by returning and sharing money directly to and with autistic people of color. Microgrants are available to Black, Brown, Native, Asian and mixed-race people in the autistic community for survival, organizing, leisure and pleasure.   

CARE Family Grant Program 

CARE Family Grant Program is mainly for helping families with medication, autism diagnosis/evaluation, therapy sessions (including speech, OT and ABA) and autism summer camps. Please note that all grants awarded are paid directly to the vendor or service provider to pay for tuition, supplements, medication, medical evaluation, testing, therapies, etc. 

Celebrate EDU 

Do you have a business idea but need help getting started? Maybe you need to buy equipment or supplies. Or, perhaps you need to learn some new skills or get a webpage. Celebrate EDU's microgrant Program can help your business sprout and grow. Available for business ideas of individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities age 16 or older. 

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance 

Special Needs Grants provide financial assistance to Active-Duty CGMA clients who are faced with increased financial requirements because they have dependents with special needs. Examples of qualifying costs include: specialized activities, adaptive equipment, assistive technology and respite care, among others. 

Maggie Welby Foundation Scholarships

The Maggie Welby Foundation offers scholarships for school children grades Kindergarten through twelfth grade who demonstrate a financial need. It is in memory of Maggie Welby, a loving, beautiful 7 year old girl, who was taken very suddenly from her family and friends on March 24, 2005. Her family and friends created this memorial fund so that her memory would continue to make an impact in the lives of children.

Modest Needs

Modest Needs' Self-Sufficiency Grant was created for individuals and families who, because they are working and live just above the poverty level, are ineligible for most types of conventional social assistance but who, all the same, are living one or two lost paychecks away from the kind of financial catastrophe that eventually leads to homelessness. Generally, Modest Needs offers Self-Sufficiency Grants to qualified individuals / households who need help to afford two specific types of expenses:

  • Unexpected or emergency expenses that an individual or family living paycheck-to-paycheck could not possibly afford without a short-term hand-up.

  • Monthly bills that an individual or family living paycheck-to-paycheck cannot afford to pay at the time of their application because of a documentable extenuating circumstance that occurred within the past year.

Music Movement 

Music Movement is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that develops and funds music-centric programs, scholarships, and events to improve the lives of the autistic community and for those with learning differences. Their grant program funds music therapy and lessons, musical instruments and camps for young adults.  

MyGOAL Autism Grant Program 

MyGOAL offers a yearly grant to families across the United States, to support and care for individuals under 18 years old with autism. The MyGOAL Grant Award Program is a need-based grant for treatments (including vitamins and other nutritional needs) and enrichment and educational needs that may not otherwise be covered privately or by other third-party funding sources such as school districts, county programs, insurance, and/or other grant making entities.

My Gym Foundation 

The My Gym Foundation accepts applications from or on behalf of children with physical, cognitive, or developmental disabilities and those coping with chronic illness or financial struggles. Requests, limited to gifts of $500 or less, may include but are not limited to rehabilitative therapy, My Gym classes, assistive devices, medical equipment and sensory items. 

National Autism Association (NAA) 

NAA’s Give A Voice program provides communication devices to individuals with autism who are non-verbal or minimally verbal, and whose communication challenges put them at increased risk of injury or harm. 

Oracle Health Foundation 

Financial constraints and insurance limitations sometimes make it impossible for families to cover their child's medical expenses. Oracle Health Foundation's pediatric grants connect children to needed care when finances stand in the way. Applications are accepted from the United States and through select international providers. 

The Orange Effect Foundation 

The Orange Effect Foundation is a 501(c)3 foundation that empowers children and young adults with speech disorders to effectively communicate through technology and speech therapy. 

Pediatric Angel Network 

The Pediatric Angel Network provides financial and material assistance to families of children with a long-term illness or disability. Families may be experiencing difficulty due to expenses not covered by insurance. The 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization was created to help these families ease some the hardships they may be encountering due to their child's illness or disability. 

Small Steps in Speech 

Small Steps in Speech is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization which provides grants on behalf of children with speech and language disorders for therapies, treatments, communicative devices, and other services aimed at improving their communication skills. Applications are not accepted for ABA therapy or iPads. 

Special Angels Foundation 

Special Angels Foundation provides support in obtaining therapies, equipment and resources to families raising children with special needs. Grants for resources are based on the following criteria: letter of medical necessity from primary pediatric specialist, pediatrician, therapist, social worker or IEP; Child must be under age 18 and be a US citizen residing within the United States; Quality of Life must be qualified by their Medical Advisory Board or your licensed physician. An IEP may be considered; Denial of assistance from other medical resources must be verified by a denial letter. 

United Healthcare Children's Foundation (UHCCF) 

UHCCF grants provide financial help/assistance for families with children that have medical needs not covered or not fully covered by their commercial health insurance plan.   

Varghese Summersett PLLC Annual Scholarships 

This scholarship is intended to assist a deserving autistic child, 15 years old or younger, who is in need of financial aid for educational or recreational opportunities. The award may be used towards a camp, tutoring, education, or other tools to help the student progress and live a fulfilling, happy life.  


Contact our Autism Response Team for state or location specific grants. Find information about grants available through Autism Speaks, including those available to families, and to see what we have funded in the past.