Text of "The American Rescue Plan is signed into law" written over a faded image of the capitol dome
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Congress includes relief for the autism community in the American Rescue Plan

The fifth COVID-19 relief package, the American Rescue Plan, has been signed into law, securing additional relief for individuals with autism and
covid-19 virus
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Autism Speaks urges adapted hospital policies to allow support providers for autistic and disabled people

For people with autism and significant communication or behavioral challenges, even a typical hospital stay can be an overwhelming experience. Today,
How to cope with disrupted family routines during COVID-19
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Statement on National Emergency Educational Waivers related to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

Autism Speaks is grateful that the Department heeded the call from advocates and families across the country and refrained from recommending the
Capitol Hill, Washington, DC
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Autism Speaks applauds leadership of Reps. Mike Doyle and Chris Smith to advance autism priorities in future COVID-19 legislation

On Wednesday, April 15, Reps. Smith and Doyle sent a letter to congressional leaders urging them to include additional supports for people with autism
How to cope with disrupted personal routines during COVID-19
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Recently Passed COVID-19 Congressional Legislation and Ongoing Advocacy Efforts 

Congress has passed several bills to address the COVID-19 pandemic. While the recently passed bills provide significant assistance, much more needs to
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HHS Office for Civil Rights affirms rights of persons with disabilities during COVID-19 emergency

OCR issued a bulletin affirming the right of persons with disabilities to receive needed medical care during the COVID-19 emergency
mother holding her toddler aged daughter with autism
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Autism Speaks comment submitted encouraging the Department of Labor to provide paid sick leave for family caregivers impacted by COVID-19

The following regulatory comment was submitted by Autism Speaks on March 29, 2020. Autism Speaks strongly urges the Department to provide
covid-19 virus
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Priorities for the Autism Community During this Time of Crisis

To address the effects of COIVD-19 on individuals and families, we are advocating for policymakers to quickly provide assistance to individuals on the
Dome of US Capitol
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Autism Speaks Provides Urgent Feedback on Federal Coronavirus Bill (S.3548)

Educational accommodations and protections for individuals with disabilities, including many students on the autism spectrum, have been hard-fought
Phil Martin presenting at podium with panelists sitting at long table
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Autism & Disparities: Addressing the Needs of Underserved Communities

This congressional briefing marked one of the many necessary conversations about how autism is experienced by different populations.
A young man stands in front of his new home, surrounded by his family, friends, and carers.
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EMPOWER Care Act introduced to Congress

EMPOWER Care Act introduced to extend and improve the Money Follows the Person (MFP) program through 2023.
Six people holding sheets of paper reading different responses to the statement "Why I Care about Autism CARES"
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#WhyAutismCARES Campaign

Congress is considering the reauthorization of the Autism CARES Act. Snap a photo to show why you care about Autism CARES!
Woman and young child with autism in wheelchair in front of White House
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Why we care about Autism CARES

On February 7, Congress introduced S.427/H.R.1058 to reauthorize the Autism CARES Act which is the foundation of federal efforts on autism research,
A young man stands in front of his new home, surrounded by his family, friends, and carers.
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Money Follows the Person Program is extended!

The Medicaid Extenders Act of 2019 was signed into law, extending the Money Follows the Person Program for 3 months.
Photo of a mother and young daughter sitting at a desk across from a female doctor.
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New CPT codes approved for ABA

The new CPT codes provide recognition from the American Medical Association (AMA) that ABA is an empirically supported medical intervention. Proper
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New CPT Codes for ABA Billing

Resources and information provided by the CPT Steering Committee will help ABA providers prepare for the implementation of new CPT codes in 2019.
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