Accelerate delivery of solutions for adult quality of life needs

Working together, we are accelerating a path forward for the lifelong well-being of autistic adults.  We are committed to expanding our understanding of, and addressing, the challenges they face. This includes informing clinical care, securing greater government investment in research, resources, services and tools to support an aging population. 

Here are a few of our FY23 accomplishments: 

  • Initiated a nationwide employment public service campaign. Held employment events and Workplace Inclusion Now™ employment program training, reaching nearly 8,200 autistic job seekers, employers and service providers. These initiatives highlight the value of a diverse workforce and provide strategies to build inclusive workplaces. 
  • Introduced the Autism Speaks Adult Diagnosis Tool Kit as a guide to identify autism in adults and determine next steps. Created by autistic adults, the kit addresses a significant resource gap for those diagnosed later in life and highlights what living on the spectrum looks like from autistic adults who have walked that path. 
  • Hosted a Thought Leadership Summit bringing together self-advocates, families, researchers and policymakers to discuss the biggest challenges facing autistic adults as they continue to age, the lack of knowledge and research and next steps to support this community.