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A world in which all people on the spectrum can reach their full potential

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Do you have a job that's right for someone with autism? If you're hiring, the answer is yes!

Our Workplace Inclusion Now (WIN) program can help!

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Information and Support

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There is no one type of autism, but many.
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One of the most important things you can do.

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Expert Advice. Credible Resources. Local Providers.
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Advocacy priorities

Autism Speaks influences policy at the state and federal government levels. To do this, we work with Congress, the White House, state legislators, agencies, and regulators.

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Together, we are creating a world where all people with autism can reach their full potential.

The Autism Speaks Walk brings together people with autism and the parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, relatives and providers in a network of friendship and support. Funds raised help fuel innovative research, advocacy, and critical programs and services.

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Autism News

All the latest that matters to our community
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Learn the skills you need to support your child’s development

At no cost to families, the World Health Organization’s Caregiver Skills Training (CST) program teaches parents and caregivers the day-to-day skills they need to help their children reach their full potential. Learn to build your child’s communication, engagement, positive behavior, daily living skills and more.

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Life on the Spectrum

Jack and his parents at their wedding
Jack M. | 2 years old
Autism is unpredictable, and I feel whatever course of treatment or route your journey takes you on, it is much easier to do as a unit. For those who don't have a supportive village to rely on, Autism Speaks and support groups can be that.
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Kim M.
It has become the driving force of my life
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A women in a white shirt that has a AutismWish logo on it holds a teal fabric box with pink letters
Lia M.
We're really just trying to pretty much bridge that gap between both sides.
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female basketball operations assistant for the NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies posing for her professional headshot
Erin M. | 33 years old
Basketball is my safe space. When I was young, playing basketball gave me a way to make friends and a place to be confident. It motivated me in other aspects of my life, academically, socially, emotionally, mentally and physically.
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If you've met one person with autism, you've met one person with autism.

- Dr. Stephen Shore