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Since 2019, Wilson and Autism Speaks have worked to create on-field products and promote a message of inclusion, acceptance and understanding for people on the autism spectrum. The lineup of baseball gear highlights Autism Speaks’ signature blue color and the “Love The Moment” message created specifically for this collaboration.

Wilson LTM 2022 Gloves

Wilson’s donation this year to Autism Speaks will help increase advocacy and support; provide reliable information and resources; and advance research into causes and better interventions with the goal of helping people across the autism spectrum and throughout the life span. With an estimated one in 44 children in the U.S. affected by autism, Autism Speaks is dedicated to enhancing lives today and accelerating a spectrum of solutions for tomorrow.

“Since our partnership began in 2019, we have received tremendous support from thousands of ballplayers for this collaboration,” said Michael Markovich, Global Commercial Director, Wilson Baseball and Softball. “In order to generate even more funds for Autism Speaks’ mission of increasing inclusion, awareness, and research, we are expanding our offerings to include more Wilson A2000’s, as well as EvoShield gear and apparel. And we expect to add more product in the coming years. We’re also encouraging all of our distribution partners to join us in the mission to create a nationwide community more welcoming of all people on the spectrum and their families.”

The 2023 Love The Moment A2000 gloves will help players take the field and play with a purpose. The five new options include options for pitcher, catcher, outfield and two infield patterns, including left-handed options for pitchers and outfielders. All five options feature Autism Speaks Blue Pro Stock® Leather, white laces, gradient Wilson Bold Logos and the exclusive Love The Moment stamp on the pinky. In addition, to coincide with World Autism Month, Wilson is adding Autism Speaks Blue leather and the Love The Moment pinky stamp to its Glove Customizer.

“At Autism Speaks, we are committed to creating a world where all people with autism can reach their full potential, whether that’s in the classroom in the workplace or even on the baseball field,” said Keith Wargo, Autism Speaks President, and Chief Executive Officer. “With Wilson’s continued support, we remain determined to do the most good for the most people with autism by addressing the diverse needs of the community, increasing understanding of their strengths and challenges and fostering kindness around the world.”


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