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New for 2024, Wilson Sporting Goods announced its “Play for the Cause” initiative in collaboration with Autism Speaks. The initiative expands upon Wilson’s Love the Moment® collection – inclusive of baseball and softball gloves, as well as an Evo NXT Basketball, encouraging athletes to foster inclusion and play with a purpose.

“At Wilson, it is our vision to create a better world through sport, and we’ve been so grateful to have Autism Speaks as our anchor DE&I partner over the last 5 years,” says Amanda Lamb, VP of Brand, Wilson.  “We look forward to expanding upon our work together to promote inclusion, acceptance and understanding for people on the autism spectrum, empowering our consumers and athletes to do the same.”

The Love the Moment® collection celebrates inclusion on and off the field or court. The several new A2000 ball gloves, including the first two Fastpitch softball gloves, feature Autism Speaks signature colorway, the recognizable puzzle piece logo, as well as Love the Moment® messaging. In addition to the Love the Moment glove lineup, Wilson offers players the option to customize all Pro Stock® gloves with Love the Moment branding on the Wilson Custom Glove Builder. Thousands of players, including professional athletes like Pittsburgh relief pitcher Colin Holderman, Cleveland outfielder Steven Kwan and University of Arkansas softball coach Danielle Gibson Whorton have taken advantage of this option in recent years.

The limited-edition Evo*Editions Basketball combines the unmatched performance of the Wilson Evolution with a design that symbolizes unity and support for individuals with autism.

“In order to create a world in which people with autism are fully championed, we must come together with a fearless commitment to driving true acceptance,” said Keith Wargo, President & CEO, Autism Speaks. “Wilson understands that acceptance means going beyond awareness, and we are grateful to have their support in creating products and opportunities that celebrate the autistic community at all levels of society.”

Wilson will donate 10% of the purchase price of all Love the Moment® products directly to Autism Speaks, with a minimum donation of $150,000 each year. These funds will help increase advocacy and support, provide resources and advance research with the goal of helping people across the autism spectrum throughout their life span. With an estimated one in 36 children in the U.S. affected by autism, Autism Speaks is working towards a world where total acceptance of autistic people – beyond simple awareness – is the societal standard. Wilson’s donation helps:

  • ensure access to reliable information and services, speeds delivery of solutions for adult quality of life
  • promote diversity, equity, access and inclusion
  • foster advocacy, partnership, and collaboration
  • increase early screening and timely interventions
  • support research and innovation improving quality of life

Throughout 2024, Wilson will provide Autism Friendly trainings to retail employees to build a safer and sensory-friendly shopping experience for all shoppers, including those on the autism spectrum. The brand is also partnering with Autism Speaks on their Workplace Inclusion Now (WIN) program to promote diversity in hiring and creating an inclusive workplace culture where all employees, especially workers with autism, can thrive. To learn more, please visit Wilson.com.