Templates for Personalized Teaching Stories

Autism Speaks is proud to partner with the University of Washington READI Lab (Research in Early Autism Detection and Intervention) to provide a series of personalized PowerPoint templates that parents and therapists can customize to explain social situations to children with autism.  We invite families to individualize these story templates with your own photos or pictures to help your child know what to expect and how to act in a variety of everyday situations!

Personalized Stories

Customize these personalized story templates with your own pictures to help your child know what to expect in various situations!

See tips on how to use the Personalized Stories Templates.

Personalized stories currently available are:

  • Going to a Restaurant
    Help your child know what to expect when they go to a restaurant.
  • Going to the Store
    Help explain what to expect when your family goes to the store to your child.
  • Handling Bullying
    Help explain how to handle bullying to your child.
  • Play Date
    Help explain what to expect on a play date to your child.
  • Potty Training
    Help explain how to use the potty to your child.
  • Taking Turns
    Help explain the process of taking turns to your child.

Stay tuned for additional stories as they are developed!


Microsoft Office also contributed to the original packaging and distribution of these the personalized stories through a content distribution partnership with Autism Speaks.

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