Supporting research and innovation that drives towards improved quality of life and well-being

Committed to accelerating research innovation and service delivery for faster, positive impact on the lives of autistic people. We have invested over $218 million in autism research grants and advocated with and for our community, championed $4.6 billion increase in federal research funding for autism to date. The issues facing the autism community are more urgent than ever and motivate us to further address the areas of greatest need to improve quality of care and well-being across the spectrum and throughout the lifespan, for the needs of people with autism. 

Here are a few of our FY23 accomplishments: 

  • Launched Autism by the Numbers, the first online nationwide dashboard of its kind. Informed by autistic individuals, families, advocates and policymakers, the dashboard provides a better understanding of what autism services look like across the U.S.  
  • Partnered with Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) on the world’s more comprehensive study of how DNA architecture contributes to autism. The findings can lead to better diagnostics and the ability to target and develop strategies for personalized care. 
  • Released the first of its kind Clinician Guide: Program Development and Best Practices for Treating Severe Behaviors in Autism as a result of the 2020 Autism Speaks Thought Leadership Summit on Challenging Behaviors. The comprehensive guide was created by a team of multidisciplinary autism leaders and researchers and addresses areas of clinical importance, business model development and public policy priorities. 
  • Provided $720,000 in grant funding to best-in-class, next-generation autism researchers to help ensure the future of autism study. 

Meet members of our community who have played a critical role in advancing our work toward life-enhancing research breakthroughs.

Dr. Brittany Hand
Dr. Brittany Hand
I feel it is important in my line of work to study real-world issues facing the growing population of autistic adults living today
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Ryan Yuen, Ph.D.
Ryan Yuen, Ph.D.
I think understanding autism better will help us understand what is unique about being a human, which in turn may help me understand more about myself
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Meet Dr. Angela Chan, M.D., MPH Meet Dr. Angela Chan, M.D., MPH  Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician, New York City
Meet Dr. Angela Chan, M.D., MPH
It has been a great privilege for me to come full circle and return to the place that inspired my work in public health.
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