Somali Resources

Tababarka Musqusha: Hagaha WaalidkaAppearance
Parent's Guide to Toilet Training in Autism
From the Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network

Horudhaca Daaweynta Caafimaadka Dabeecadda La Xiriira: Hagaha Waalidka
An Introduction to Behavioral Health Treatments
From the Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network

Baaritaanka Dabeecadda Ee La Dabakho: Hagaha Waalidka
Parent's Guide to Applied Behavior Analysis
From the Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network

Somali Literacy Project
The Somali Literacy Project was developed to connect Somali families with information as it relates to early literacy and language, health literacy and the education of their children.

Legal Disclaimer: Autism Speaks maintains resources for non-English speakers as a service to families as reference tools. Every effort has been made to ensure the content of the Tool Kits is up to date and consistent with the original English versions. Users are urged to use independent judgment when reviewing these materials.

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