Challenges of COVID-19 disruptions: Guidance for autism service providers… and widespread lockdowns have been place for month more hope this guidance will help you continue your important work supporting people with autism and their families prepare before lockdownduring minimally restricted movement set … situation and prioritize the immediate needs for each family including basic needs food medication shelter well caregiving support your health system has patient portal other way communicate through the electronic health record now good time set … printable tools digital downloads videos and other specific needs that families may request try set caregiver support group via online platform such facebook groups other technology such wechat where parents and caregivers can get support ask …
How My Family Faces Roadblocks… challenges got lots individual attention speech and occupational therapy when came time enter kindergarten his teacher supported him going into regular classroom with aide which what daughter wanted well the principal was board too based what … daughter did not want either these options roadblock her team the speech and occupational therapist plus his prek teacher regrouped and came with iep plan that had lots supports including preferential seating behavior modification plan options test small group setting etc the followup meeting …
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