Should I pursue an autism diagnosis as an adult?… life wouldnt press you through the effort pursuing diagnosis however you describe number important challenges that warrant support you can get help for some these issues without autism diagnosis for example psychologist may able help you work … feels daunting this time what diagnosis can bring the same time diagnosis autism may help you access additional therapy and support programs the availability and quality such programs vary from state state and from one educational institution … plan provides addition many colleges have supportive programs and services for students with diagnosis autism support groups you may may not need autism diagnosis join adult support group social skills training group your area your colleges …
Autism and ‘optimal outcomes’ – Is it time to refine our thinking?… clinicians and therapists rethink what mean optimal outcomes for years weve been using this term describe relatively small group people with autism who with therapy and support experience such marked decrease autism symptoms that they longer meet the criteria use diagnose the condition other … proposed redefining optimal outcome the best possible outcome based each childs personal characteristics and available supports find this much more suitable concept for developing autism services and setting goals for each child teen adult the …
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