Tips for Supporting Social Interaction in Youth Groups… and engage attention seeking behavior connect with others until they build the skills they need interact here are some tips support social interaction youth groups extend feeling welcome and model for other participants that the youth with autism valued part the group get know the … leave the group pick partners youth with autism are sometime chosen last causing unnecessary humiliation learn more about supporting youth with autism programs leading the way autismfriendly youth organizations … leading the way autismfriendly …
Strategies for Success: Sports and Physical Activities… many youth with autism are able participate sports and are great asset their team the amount support required make this happen will vary greatly from person person some people with autism have great skills learning … other team members while processing auditory and visual information from several sources the same time here are some ways support youth with autism sports and physical activity programs aware motor timing language and attention issues that might … for someone with autism know that even though may not able keep with the pace learning and the activity the whole group might still able learn components sport activity that provides valuable social outlet and physical exercise break …
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