Autism and Social Skills Developmentsupporting social interaction important piece the students educational plan students with autism often have the desire … layered improve social competence building competence will result further interest and interaction here are some strategies support social skill development your students with autism reinforce what the student does well socially use … objectives but careful not turn the peer into teacher strive keep peer interactions natural possible create small lunch groups perhaps with structured activities topic boxes the group pulls topic out box and discusses things related this topic …
Life Skills Programs… vista vocational independent living programs for people with autism are postsecondary programs that offer services and supports help individuals live and work successfully instruction needs incorporate best practices identified for working … learn assistive technology should utilized enhance learning and function instruction may occur individually small larger groups functional academics are taught enhance independent living and vocational functioning education may also include … include onsite experiences variety work settings both paid and nonpaid scaffolding techniques and job coaches professional supports should utilized ensure proper transition the work place individuals with autism learn the vocational soft skills …
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