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Policy on Acknowledging Autism Speaks Research Funding

Acknowledgement: Research award recipients must acknowledge Autism Speaks support on all publications and presentations based, in whole or in part, on data derived from the funded research. Acknowledgements are required for journal articles, press releases, media reports, interviews, oral and poster presentations at conferences, symposia and other venues, and book chapters, either internal or external to the grantee institution.

Advanced notification of publications and media publicity: For many reasons, Autism Speaks requires direct notification from awardees and/or their institutions when a manuscript is accepted for publication or released as well as when there is media coverage concerning your research.  Please note that we will respect all embargoes.   In advance of publication, please inform the Grants Manager and your Portfolio Manager of any upcoming publicity, publications, presentations or other communications involving your Autism Speaks funded project. Advance information will be kept confidential and all embargos will be respected. When it becomes available, a final PDF copy should always be uploaded to the Autism Speaks Science Grants System.

Public Access: Autism Speaks has a public access policy for all Autism Speaks funded research. Awardees are required to retain copyright on their manuscript submissions and ensure deposit in PubMed Central so they become publicly available no later than 12 months post-initial publication. For details on how to comply with our policy and submit your manuscript to PubMed Central, please see Public Access Policy.

How to cite: The recipient, type of grant, and Autism Speaks' 4-digit grant number should be included in the Acknowledgement section of all publications. Ex – “[Name] was funded by an Autism Speaks [Pilot-level Treatment Grant] (#XXXX).” If applicable, please also obtain citation guidance from the leaders of research initiatives such as AGRE, AGP or ATP to check on their resource citation guidelines as well.