Autism Speaks Newsroom @ INSAR 2021

May 3, 2021
Image of text that says Autism Speaks funded Science, Researchers and Partnerships at INSAR 2021 Annual Meeting May 3-7

The International Society for Autism Research (INSAR), the world’s largest gathering of autism scientists, healthcare professionals, and autistic people and their advocates, is being held virtually this year from May 3-7. Autism Speaks is a longtime sponsor for the conference and proud to have 20 research studies supported by Autism Speaks funding and technical support featured at the annual meeting.

Autism Speaks science staff, funded researchers and clinicians will give oral research presentations, present posters and serve as expert panelists on the latest developments in autism research.

Research fellow Sophie Schwartz, Ph.D., who was awarded a predoctoral research fellowship in 2016 funded by Royal Arch Masons International and Autism Speaks, will also receive a 2020 Dissertation Award for her work on central auditory processing in autism. Presentations at INSAR offer the early findings of one or more highly promising research projects that were competitively selected by the INSAR leadership.

“We are proud to see so much progress in autism science each year, including innovative Autism Speaks-funded studies that reflect our mission. This important work is essential to providing solutions to autistic people and their families today and in the future,” said Autism Speaks Chief Science Officer Thomas Frazier. “INSAR is the autism science community’s chance to shine a light on new knowledge and understanding in autism, and ultimately how science can improve lives of people on the spectrum.”

Continuing coverage of INSAR news will be updated throughout the week.

You can view the full lineup of Autism Speaks-affiliated presentations and activities in the program book.

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