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Camelot of Hoffman Estates

Camelot for Kids


Camelot of Hoffman Estates
5135 Trillium Boulevard
Hoffman Estates, IL 60192
United States
224 402 4706
The school has two centers, one for children with emotional and/or behavioral needs who are able to follow the traditional academic curriculum and the other for children with more complex multiple needs requiring a life skills curriculum. Our experienced and highly skilled staff works closely with each child to develop his/her full potential for academic achievement and mastery of critical life skills. Transitional skills are a priority within our program to ensure successful transition into adulthood. Our focus is on developing interpersonal skills, self-advocacy, communication skills, the ability to navigate in the community, the development of leisure time interest, and vocational opportunities. Our vocational program provides vocational activities within the classroom and building, sheltered workshops and community jobs.